Roller Chain Offset Links

Posted by Bradley Irwin on November 17, 2017

What is a roller chain offset link? First, a roller chain link is the interior assembly of a chain that consists of two bushings pressed into each of the link plates. It may also include rollers if applicable. However there are also rollerless chains available for specific situations. It is important to know that the same roller links can be used for both multiple and single strand chains.

An offset roller chain link, on the other hand, may also be referred to as crank links or 1/2 link. They are used when making a chain that has odd number of pitches and length, or they may be used to shorten a chain by one pitch. Roller chain offset links come in two different configurations. One is a single pitch offset link and the other is a two pitch offset link.

The single pitch offset link, a slip fit type, is furnished complete with a slip fit which comes unassembled in the link plate. There will be a milling of a flat section on one that will prevent the pin from turning in the link plate after installation.

The two pitch offset link, a press fit type, is basically a roller link and offset link assembled together. The manufacturing of a press fit of this type of assembly will greatly increase the link’s structural reliability, rigidity, and durability. This is one of the main reasons why many machine operators prefer a two pitch offset assembly over a single pitch offset. It should be noted however that there will be a reduction in the offset chain’s working capacity and therefore neither type is recommended for performance orientated drives.

A roller chain connecting link is mainly used to join two ends of a chain. It will, however, depend upon the application. The most popular and common is the slip fit link which can be used for general chain applications. A press fit connecting type of link is used if the integrity of a connecting link is required to be the same as the base chain.

One thing that can cause a chain to fail is if the shock load is greater than the yield strength of the component. To correct this the operator may need to reduce the shock load or change to a high strength series chain.

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Bearings In The News – November 2017

Posted by Bradley Irwin on November 10, 2017

This month we are featuring three articles, including one about the global roller bearing market, one about an announcement from MAG Bearing, and the final one about a new test platform from Igus.

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How To Increase The Lifespan Of Electric Motor Bearings

Posted by Bradley Irwin on November 3, 2017

Have you had issues with your electric motor bearings in the past? If these kinds of problems are common for you, you shouldn’t feel frustrated. Instead, you should focus on finding ways to increase the lifespan of your bearings. If you follow these suggestions, your bearings will last a lot longer.

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Isostatic Industries, Inc. – Bearing Technology Leaders

Posted by Bradley Irwin on October 27, 2017

Originally founded more than 30 years ago in Chicago, Illinois, Isostatic Industries, Inc. has proven itself as a leader in bearing technology. The company is still headquartered in Chicago and has the most extensive inventory of bronze bearings in many sizes and types. Most all of them are always in stock, making it easy to supply them to distributors everywhere.

The company is known for providing both standard size bronze bushings as well as custom bearings. They also provide sizes in both inches and metric measurements. In addition to bearings, there are sleeves, washers, flanges, discs, bars, and more – all at highly competitive prices. They offer special oils for any of their oil-impregnated bronze bearings.

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Bearings In The News – October 2017

Posted by Bradley Irwin on October 20, 2017

This month we are featuring three articles, including one about laid-off bearings factory workers, one about the valuation of the automotive bearings market, and one about the latest financials from Menon Bearings.

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Bearings in Mining Equipment

Posted by Bradley Irwin on October 13, 2017

A recent article in one of the more well-known mining magazines mentioned that the global mining market continues to grow and, in fact, it is blooming. This article stated that both underground and above ground mining equipment is expected to be sold for more than $30 billion by 2022.

What was very interesting however, about this article, was the fact that mining companies are continually eliminating outdated mining machines and replacing them with more modern up-to-date machinery. Even if they decide to keep the older machinery, most mining companies realize the benefits of using newer, more efficient solutions for the overhauling and replacing of parts.

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The MM4T From Aurora Bearing Company

Posted by Bradley Irwin on October 6, 2017

High-end precision components are becoming more difficult to locate. Companies are focused on manufacturing components faster, cheaper, and with less expensive materials. While that may save everyone a few bucks in the short-term, it can actually cost more in the long run. There is still no substitute for a high-quality, high-precision component. The MM4T from the Aurora Bearing company is a perfect example of this.

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