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To stop wheel end leakage problems, be a good detective ….

Friday, July 30th, 2010

….. look for clues.

There are many causes of wheel end leakage beyond the oil seal.  If you look, you will find that leaking wheel ends leave clues pointing to which component or components are the culprits.  Follow the guidelines of the checklist below as you service the wheel end.  You may find that just changing the seal may not be your permanent solution.

Inspect for indications of leakage:

  • Under Vehicle supervision
    • Oil present past the seal
    • Oil contaminated hub, brake hardware, brake shoes
  • External leakage
    • Oil present around hubcap, in wheel cavity
    • Oil present around axle flange (drive axle)

Disassembling the wheel end (Caution: Block wheels, support vehicle on stands)

  • Check condition of hub cap
  • Check flange, window and center fill plug
  • Check bolts and axle flange area on drive axle

Remove hub cap (Axle flange on drive axle)

  • Check condition of lube
    • Cloudy or milky indicates water
    • Shiny indicates bearing wear
    • Metal flakes present indicate loose shavings from an axle component
    • Grit and sand indicates lube contamination
    • Smells burnt indicates overheating
  • Check condition of fastening system
    • Verify end-play measurement before removing fastener
    • Examine outer nut, washer (dowel, tang or ‘D’ type), inner nut, cotter pin

Remove outer bearing

  • Inspect for signs of damage

Remove wheel or hub assembly, using a wheel dolly

  • Check spindle
    • Threads damaged
    • Chamfer damaged
  • Set bearings aside for inspection

Remove seal

  • Check hub
  • Condition of chamfer
  • Nicks, burrs, damage
  • Stay tuned for more information ……

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100 Plus Years — Surviving a Century of Change

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

The product line may have changed over the years, from horseshoer to auto springs and bearings, and finally to industrial bearings, but the basic philosophy of service has remained the same. 

When the automobile age dawned at the beginning of the 20th century, it spelled bankruptcy for thousands of buggy whip makers and horseshoeing establishments.  But for Wisconsin blacksmith, Jacob Widmeyer, it spelled opportunity.

Widmeyer closed shop and reopened as a supplier of springs and bearings to the auto trade.  Today, his company, now named Bearings Incorporated, and based in Germantown, Wisconsin thrives in the industrial bearing business. 

Succeeding in the Auto Age

The horseshoeing business of J. Widmeyer and Company, was a profitable one.  The company shod the prize draft horses that pulled beer wagons for the well-known Milwaukee breweries.  Private carriage owners were also welcome. 

By the early 1900’s, the company had become the largest horseshoeing business in the Midwest.  It’s 12 employees worked in a cavernous building that looked more like a factory than a blacksmith shop.  It extended a half-block back from the street, and beside it was a large courtyard where newly shod horses could be hitched up to carriages.

But the next few decades brought revolutionary changes.  The automobile, once a novelty for the rich, became a means of mass transportation.  In 1918, Widmeyer closed shop and reopened as WidmeyerAuto Spring and Bearing Company.  By 1930, almost all the old blacksmith shops were out of  business, but Widmeyer was already well-established in his new field.

“The company began supplying springs and axles for buses,” explained John H. “Jack” Schliesleder, who joined the company as a delivery boy.  “I can still remember delivering springs to the local transport company.”  As the industries around Milwaukee Grew, Widmeyer also began supplying a wide range of industrial bearings. 

In 1941, Widmeyer sold the business to Mae and William Farrell, Jack’s aunt and uncle.  The business, renamed Bearings Incorporated, soon dropped out of the auto spring b8usines and focused on the industrial bearing business.  In 1958, after William Farrell’s death, Jack assumed control of the company.

Today, our 100-plus year old company supplies bearings and other items, including chains, sprockets and oil seals from various manufacturers.

The company remains a close-knit family business. Throughout the years,  Jack’s children have all been active in the business.  Our company retains a commitment to our customers that have enabled us to survive for over a century.  We’ll go great lengths to take care of a customer. Our motto is, ‘If you can’t find a bearing anywhere else, you can find it here.’

Fifty years or so after Jacob Widmeyer’s death, the company he founded continues to prosper.

Needle roller bearings from KOYO USA

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

JTEKT Corporation has created a new business unit, Koyo Bearings USA LLC, following the acquisition of the Timken Needle Roller Bearings business. The acquisition combines the strength, heritage and intellectual capital of Koyo® and Torrington® Needle Roller Bearings to create one of the world’s largest needle roller bearing manufacturers.

The Torrington/KOYO group of bearings include the following; Drawn Cup, Roller Clutch, Roller and Cage guided, Thrust bearings and washers, Track Roller/Cam Followers and loose rollers.

Bearing’s Incorporated is proud to be a distributor of both divisions of the JTEKT Corporation. This enables us to cover most ball, roller and needle requests that our customers have.

Welcome to Bearings Incorporated!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

With this being our first blog posting, we have decided to make it a welcome, and teach you a little about us. 

We have been in existence since 1887, starting from a blacksmith shop in now, downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and continuously keeping up with the times to bring us through to today.  We have longevity within our company with employee average of 25.5 years.

We are here to welcome you and your thoughts and postings throughout this new experience of blogging.  This is a learning experience for us, and look forward to your help in making it a success.

Watch for our revamped website at  You will start seeing changes as of September 2010!!  Changes we are planning are it will be searchable for parts, and you will be able to purchase on line!  This is a new and exciting change for Bearings Incorporated, and we would like you to be a part of it as well!!!