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Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Locking Collars (part 2)

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
continued from Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Locking Collars from 9/23/10.

Tri-Ply Seal, SM and External Self-Aligning Series

Tri-Ply Seal Series

Tri-Ply Seal bearings (sealed on both sides) are designed for environments where severe contamination is present, such as , agricultrual equipment.  Each Tri-Ply seal unit consists of a seal assembly containing 3 rubber lips retained by crimped-in steel caps securely fixed in the outer ring.  All three seal members have heavy flare out contact with the inner ring OD and provide exceptionally effective protection against the loss of lubricant and the entrance of contaminents.  The shroud cap, which nests closely with the outside seal, helps protect the rubber seal members from fibre wrap and abrasion.


SM Series

The SM Series are the open type wide inner ring bearings.  All bearings in this series are available with caps and dust seal collars, if required.The SM Wide inner ring bearings are available in the following variations:  Standard SM series which have the same ring tolerances as the equivalent 200 series single row radial ball bearings and the heavy SMN series which correspond to the equivelent 300 series single row ball bearings.  Both the standard SM and heavy SMN series are also available with cylindrical or spherical outside diameters.  These bearings have the same boundry dimensions as correstponding members in the KRR and KLL series.


External Self-Aligning Series

The construction of this series permits the inner assembly, which contains an open type ball bearing with a spherical OD, to align the seat of a mating outer ring.  The seat of this outer ring is matched with the spherical OD of the ball bearing outer ring providing unrestricted self-alignment which allows the inner assembly to become square and true with the shaft.  Self-aligning units are available in both standard SM-S or heavy SMN-S series.


Upcoming October 7, 2010; Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Concentric Collars

Let me introduce you to ….

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010


Linda officially started working at Bearings Incorporated in 1980, even though she grew up in the business, since our previous owner, “Jack” was Linda’s grandfather and Jim’s and Ann’s father.  Ann is Linda’s mother. 

You may have figured out that we have a family packed business.

Linda started working in General Office, but over the years has become efficient and can handle any department she steps into.  Currently her main position is handling Accounts Recievable, and Accounts Payable.  She also makes sure the paperflow moves smoothly, so I can do my job efficiently.

Linda is married and the mother of 2 twin boys.  Her favorite personal pastime is camping with friends.

Linda is excited about the new website being launched soon.

Welcome the first day of Autumn

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
by Melissa Young  Ehow contributor

The fall equinox is the point in time when the sun crosses the equator, making daylight and darkness approximately twelve hours each. As symbol of balance and harvest, the fall equinox has been celebrated throughout history in many cultures and nations. Modern celebrations often focus on the same elements of harvest, balance, and gratitude, and can be adapted easily to fit individual circumstances and desires.

1. Throw a party to celebrate the fall equinox

2. Embrace the season.

3.  Be thankful.

4. Get to know your roots.

5. Meditate on the balance of your life.

6. Visit a planetarium and learn about the position of the sun and how the sun’s relationship to Earth changes throughout the year.

For more detail .. check out this site … How to Celebrate the Fall Equinox

Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Locking Collars

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

RR, LL, and RA series

The following series are available with eccentric self-locking collars.

RR Series

These bearings feature the flareout, contact type R-Seal which encloses a synthetic rubber impregnated washer between 2 metal caps. Most sizes incorporate one of Fafnir’s sealing designs, the Shroud Seal.R-Seal wide inner ring bearings are available in the following non-relubricatable variations: KR (one seal, cylindrical OD), KRB (one seal, spherical OD), KRR and KRRB (two seals). Relubricatable versions are: G-KRR, G-KRRB, and GN-KRRB (heavy duty).

LL Series

These bearings incorporated the friction-less Mechani-Seal which consists of two “dished” steelplates with a close running clearance between them. The inner member is fixed in the outer ring. The outer member is pressed on teh inner ring and rotates with it, serving as a slinger to throw off contaminents.Mechani-Seal wide inner ring bearings are available in teh following non-relubricatable variations: KL (one seal, cylindrical OD), KLB (one seal, spherical OD), KLL and KLLB (two seals), N-KLL and N-KLLB (heavy duty). Relubricatable versions are: G-KLL, G-KLLB, and GN-KLLB.


Prelubricated RA series bearings use three-piece Plya-Seals in which the synthetic sealing rubber washer is assembled between two steel retaining rings. Most RA bearings also incorporate the advanced Shroud-Seal design which provides maximum sealing action. Two versions are available: RA-NPP (two Plya-Seals, cylindrical OD) and RA-NPPB (two Plya-seals, spherical OD). Relubricatable versions are GRA-NPP and GRA-NPPB.All bearings in the RA series have rust resistant inner rings which help permit easy bearing removal after long service under adverse weather and other corrosive conditions.


Watch for 9/30/10 posting explaining the TryPly Seal series; SM Series; and External Self-Aligning Series

Let me introduce you to …….

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

——- Robert ——

Robert came to work with Bearings Incorporated in 2003, starting in inside sales.  Once he understood the ins and outs of our products; bearings, seals, belting, etc, he began his training for outside sales.

In Robert’s personal time, he enjoys sailing and sharing his knowledge of sailing.  This allows him time to spend with his family.  He is married and father of 2 children, a son and daughter.

Robert is excited about new business, and does his utmost to satisfy the customer.

Wide Inner Ring Bearings – Introduction

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

The Fafnir Bearing Company (now Timken) originated the wide inner ring ball bearing design for users who needed ball bearings which could be easily mounted on straight shafts and positioned without shoulders, locknuts or adapters.

The internal bearing construction is basically the same as the deep-race, single row radial type with ability to carry radial, thrust and combined loads, while providing low friction qualities which are characteristic of high-grade ball bearings.  The inner ring is generally extended on both sides of the race to provide additional shaft support, and is locked to the shaft by the Fafnir-originated, eccentric, self-locking collar or concentric collar.  The wide inner ring bearings are also available with cylindrical or spherical outside diameters.   The cylindrical or straight OD type is used for mounting on straight-bored housings.  The spherical OD type must be mounted in a corresponding spherical seat and is used to compensate for shaft or housing misalignments. 


The upcoming series are available with eccentric locking collars.

Stay tuned for more … Watch the Bearings Incorporated Blog for continuation …

Let me introduce to you ….

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

…. Ann ….

Ann is Jim’s sister and grew up in the business of Bearings Incorporated as well and holds part ownership now. 

After moving home from Oregon, she started in 1969, working as a driver, and doing general office work. 

Now, Ann is responsible for the data entry within the company.  She keys in the orders and handles purchasing, and answers the phone to direct your calls.  This keeps her relatively busy each day.

Ann is married, and a mother of 3; 2 daughters and a son.  She is also a grandmother of 6.  She enjoys sewing as her out of the office passtime.

Remember the next time you may call, Ann may be the first one you will talk to.