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Happy Halloween !!!!!!

Sunday, October 31st, 2010


Don’t eat too much candy ..

Bearings have been in every day life for years….

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

If you think about it; more than 4500 years ago, Egyptians used cylindrical rollers to move large heavy blocks of stone need for pyramids, preempting the use of ball bearings.

Similar usage was done in the creation of Stonehenge years later.

Leonardo de Vinci discovered the principle of the bearing in the 15th century. He realized that friction could be reduced if the balls did not touch each other. With this realization he designed separators allowing the balls to move freely. This design was reinvented in the 18th century when a horse carriage axle fitted with a ring of balls rolling in semi-circular grooves made in teh axle was patented in England.

Bearings have been a part of every day life for years.

Computers have bearings in the hard drives.
Exercise equipment is equipped with various bearings

Ball bearings are used in daily objects such as:

  • electric guitars
  • bicycles
  • video game controllers
  • blenders
  • camcorders
  • garage door openers
  • hot tubs
  • aquarium water pumps and aerators
  • roll and in line skates
  • cellphones

Yes — even Cellphones .. What makes the phone vibrate.  The phone vibrates from a tiny motor — which uses bearings in which to run.

The Hubble telescope and weather satellites are classic examples of ball bearings as part of the highest technology.

Let me introduce you to ….

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

—Jim W—

Jim has worked with Bearings Incorporated since 1977.  He has gone through many names.  When he first started, we didn’t want people with the same name, and since “Jim” was taken; (ie…Current President), Jim W was forced to change his name, and chose “JL” for many many years.  It was just since 2008; that he actually has gotten his legal name returned to him. 

Jim began with Bearings Incorporated as shipping and recieving.  He has moved up through the ranks and is currently working in inside sales.  He just might be the one to take care of you if you stop in at the counter with your bearing needs.

In Jim’s spare time, he enjoys spending time in the company of friends.

Another new line … Zero Max!!!!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Zero-Max has been in business for over 60 years. Their product lines consist of couplings, shaft locking connections, linear actuators, gear drives and more.

• ServoClass Couplings
• CD Couplings
• Schmidt Offset Couplings
• Torq-Tender Couplings
• Control Flex Couplings
• ETP Shaft Locking Connections
• Roh’lix Linear Actuators
• Adjustable Speed Drive
• Crown Gear Drives
• OHLA Overhung Load Adapters

We’re excited about our new line acquisition, and look forward to many years of business together.

Wide Inner Ring Bearings

Thursday, October 14th, 2010
continued from October 7, Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Concentric Collars

Collar Assembly

Eccentric Self-Locking Collar

To install the self locking collar, perform the following 4 steps:

1) Observe cam design of the wide inner ring and self-locking collar
2) Mate the cam of the collar with the cam of the inner ring.
3) Press the locking collar against the wide inner ring and turn in the direction of the shaft rotation until tightly engaged. For applications involving vibration and / or heavy loads, it is recommended that the collar be locked using the drift pin inserted in the drift pin hole.
4) Tighten the set screw in the locking collar.


Clamp-Type Concentric Collar

To install the clamp-type concentric collar, perform the following two steps:

  1. Place the collar of the extended split inner ring with the set screw above the depression in the ring surface.
  2. Tighten the set screw to anchor the extended split inner ring to the shaft.

Let me introduce you to …..

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

 —— Kim ——

Kim has been with Bearings Incorporated since 1999, where she originally began as a driver for our Milwaukee office.  She was promoted into Shipping and Recieving, as well as helped with the data entry that needed to be done. 

Currently, she works as one of our competant inside sales staff, and can step into almost any position that needs assistance. 

During Kim’s free time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Concentric Collars

Thursday, October 7th, 2010
Continued from September 30th; Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Locking Collars – Part 2

The following series are available with the Concentric Locking Collar.

GC-KRRB Series

  The GC-KRB wide inner ring bearings are relubricatable with spherical outside diameters and shroud seals. The metal shroud maintains tight seal contact against the inner ring and shields the rubber seals from damage due to dirt or fibre wrap. The concentric collar is locked to the shaft by two set screws, located 120 degrees apart. which are mated with threaded holes in the collar and drilled holes in the bearing inner ring.

GC-KRRBG-2 Series

This series offers a large variety of sizes of relubricatable, extended inner ring bearings for through-bored housings. All bearings in this series are equipped with snap rings which eliminate the need for machining housing shoulders. The R-Seal with shroud cap provides the most effective contact seal available in a standard bearing to retain lubricant and prevent contamination.  

Clamp-Type Wide Inner Ring Bearing

  Clamp-type wide inner ball bearings are designed with a split extending inner ring and a collar with a set screw. Tightening the set screw on the split inner ring exerts a squeezing action which firmly secures the inner ring to the shaft without the set screw contacting the shaft. Easily installed and removed, these bearings resist loosening due to vibration, sudden stops and starts, or shaft reversal.  The clamp-type bearings are available in the following variations: two shields (DD type), two Plya-Seal (PP or NPP type), and two Mechani-seals with snapring (LLG type).


Watch for October 14th Collar assembly….