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Baldor’s Roller Bearings To The World

Friday, March 29th, 2013

Baldor Electric’s Dodge plant located in Marion, North Carolina, makes mounted roller bearings that anyone in the world can avail of because of their world class cost as well as quality profile. A specific line of precision taper roller bearings, which used to be made in India, was insourced to the Marion facility just recently.

The Baldor plant’s growth plan involves expansion of building, more capital equipment to boost capacity, along with new products to help international markets. It was in the year 1996 that the plant was constructed as a means to increase the manufacturing power for Baldor’s Dodge mounted roller bearing business. Then, such product was relocated from the Rogersville, Tennessee, facility.

Baldor’s parent company, ABB, has shelled out $17 million in an effort to expand the Marion plant and its roller bearing machine capacity to push an expected 47% unit sales growth over the next four years.

“The attitude and enthusiasm of our workforce is unmatched,” claims Mark Earley, plant manager. “They have a keen understanding of value as defined by our customers, and everybody within our facility takes ownership of their respective value-adding responsibilities. Our team focuses on the details, from quality assurance, to asset management, all the way through things like our wellness program. We occasionally use the application process for awards like the NAME Award to benchmark our progress, but we are careful to measure our performance against ourselves. We must continually reset our baseline.”

Baldor clearly says they invest in remarkable training in high hopes of yielding skill diversity in their maintenance technicians. They aim for their maintenance technicians to be well-versed in electronic and mechanical skills. Such tactic is said to decrease the total maintenance cost, as well as reduces their mean time to repair.

According to Randy Rampey, manufacturing services manager, due to decreased unplanned downtime, their team is quite sharp with finding root cause detail for every unplanned maintenance occurrence.

Wheel Bearing DAC3055W

Friday, March 15th, 2013

I recently saw an online question from someone looking for a cross reference to wheel bearing DAC3055W.  The hope was to find an compatible version from BCA or Timken.

We did a little research on this.  It turns out that the DAC3055W is made by Koyo.

This is a special Automotive Clutch Bearing.  It’s considered a special because the width is wider than the standard width.  The dimensions are 35x55x32.

Not only is this product made only by Koyo, but they make it only for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and they don’t sell it to the aftermarket.  It’s only for the manufacturers.

SKF Fork Seal Demonstration vs Stock Seals

Monday, March 11th, 2013

This video talks about SKF Fork Seals. They are manufactured in Italy. These seals were developed to achieve superior sealing performance. SKF used a new self-lubricating compound. Also, they are proven to outlast stock seals almost all the time.

SKF Fork Seals offer more than 20% reduction in friction compared to standard seals. More to these, smoother fork action is very noticeable in SKF Fork Seal as compared to that of stock seal’s.

Furthermore, they are known to be compatible with a wide selection of original equipment and aftermarket oils. Increased seal life and performance are plus factors, as well. SKF also take pride in enhanced water and dirt protection capability of their fork seals and its ability to withstand UV light. Watch this video for more outstanding features.

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Can mixing different wheel bearing grease into a bearing cause it to fail?

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Question by skahhh: Can mixing different wheel bearing grease into a bearing cause it to fail?

Timken bearing came with some grease but it did not look completely filled. I was told it was not supposed to be completely filled. This is on a 2003 Yukon that failed at 80k!

Would a bad bump cause it to fail?

Best answer:

Answer by racemaster
Mixing grease will not make it fail, neither will a bump, but it is common for hub assemblies to fail at 80-100k. If it is a front bearing on a 4 wheel drive don’t add grease [hub assembly], add grease on a 2 wheel drive [unless it is a hub assembly]. If it is a rear bearing make sure the rollers are covered in grease, but not too thick.

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