A Quick Review Of Timken 20TP103 Bearings

Posted by Bradley Irwin on January 12, 2018

When it comes to replacing parts on your car, there are lots of things that you have to take into consideration. Is it best to pay the high price of OEM parts and know they’re going to fit and last about the same as what you’re replacing?

Or, is the inexpensive bargain brand going to work just as well? And then of course, there are always great quality, well-known, aftermarket parts, sometimes costing less but offering better quality than the original.

It can be a tough decision especially when you don’t have testing facilities like a big laboratory. But you can go on the internet and read reviews written by others. Here is what is available about Timken Bearings and especially the Timken 20TP103 bearings.

Many Of The Reviewers Had Problems With Cut-Rate Brands

First, it’s important to note, that just because one person had a serious problem with a certain part doesn’t mean everyone, with every application, will. However, sometimes working on an automobile can be a stressful, time-consuming project, and having your bearings fit exactly as specified in the catalogue is a very important factor.

Several of the online reviews of the cheap replacement for the Timken 20TP103 bearings had a problem with a poor fit. They had opted for the least expensive bearings at the auto parts store, which were about half price, and when they went to install the bearings, the inner race fell right out on the ground.

After that, they were able to get the race back in and finish installing the bearing. The problem was, there was a factory installed dust cap that couldn’t be installed because the cheaper bearings weren’t cut out properly for the fit. The purchaser had to remove the bearings and return to the store to get the higher quality Timken brand instead.

Go For The Real Timken 20TP103

In another instance, the Timken 20TP103 bearings were less expensive than the OEM products by about 20%, but since they have a great reputation the purchaser decided to buy them. The installation went smoothly, the inner race was firmly attached and couldn’t fall out. In addition to that, there was an obvious machine cut out that made room for the factory installed dust shield to fit perfectly over the bearing like the original.

The reviewer noted that the free spinning was nearly as smooth as the worn out OEM that was in the car before the replacement, so this was a welcome sign after completion of the installation. The reviewer re-posted at 5,000 miles and again at 10,000 miles that the Timken bearings were holding up nicely as expected.

The moral to this installation story would be that when buying the cheapest bearing available, you really do get what you pay for. The extra time of pulling out the poor fitting part and installing another one would cost hundreds of dollars at the mechanic’s shop. On the other hand, it seemed that the Timken bearing was an exact perfect fit, working as well or better than the original and could be bought for less money than the OEM parts making it the best choice overall.

Here’s the Timken 20TP103 in our bearings catalog.

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