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Posted by Bradley Irwin on December 1, 2017

Originally started in 1983 as the Pacific Bearing Company, PBC Linear created a new way for solving a common problem with linear ball bearings. Their solution offered an innovative way to stop linear ball bearings from failing. Today, the company has expanded its services, expertise and its linear bearing technology.

All products are made at their headquarters in Rockford, Illinois. They make everything on the spot which means customers can expect fast delivery, lower costing products and superbly reliable service. Customers can get everything from complete linear systems to sub-assemblies to individualized components for various applications.

Their staff of engineers has many years of experience in the mechanical engineering field as well as design for the perfect blend of function with form. No matter how tough a problem is these engineers have what it takes to develop solutions that work.

They recently created the Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation machine which solves the problem of aluminum extrusion deviations. It makes use of synchronized cutters to mill all the extrusions of the aluminum in one fast movement. The extrusion comes out even on all sides. What once took hours to do, now takes minutes. Customers get all sizes of extrusions faster and more accurately than ever.

PBC Linear is also working to create other products that will meet demands for lighter, quieter linear motion uses. This is where its Redi-Rail product came from. This combines precise steel inner raceways, lightweight structural components, and self-lubricating roller bearings to keep making rail lengths continuously at sizes up to 19 feet.

There is also the Hevi-Rail Linear Bearing System. This is a self-lubricated bearing sealed system that handles both axial and radial loads and reduces time to install components as well as eliminates some so that costs are lowered. PBC is also proud of its IVT or Integral V Technology which is a recent development created with patented technology.

This system of innovative linear guidance lowers costs by cutting out the need for mounting components all while maintaining precision. This has been offered in several configurations and now is part of the success of many different company applications in a variety of environments. This solution is the perfect one for any company looking for precision on a budget.

Another recent development from PBC Linear comes in the form of its Linear Actuator Technology. This is available in lead screw, ball-screw, and belt type configurations. This also helps lower costs by lessening production times. This also seals against contamination and helps make things in many different sizes for all kinds of industrial needs.

PBC Linear offers its solutions to all types of businesses from food processing plants to medical equipment manufacturers. Their products are reliable, they work with precision, and they work fast. They help companies deliver the product quality they need to and do so while saving on overhead expenses. This is why they are the leader in linear and rotary motion applications.

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