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What Are Needle Roller Bearings?

Friday, April 15th, 2016

The roller bearing family consists of four basic types including tapered, cylindrical, spherical, and needle bearings.

In fact, needle roller bearings are the lightest and the smallest in the roller bearing family. This is why they have certain advantages for specific applications. Applications requiring reduced weight and space will benefit the most from these bearings.


About Needle Roller Bearings

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Needle roller bearings refer to bearings that make use of small cylindrical rollers. They help in reducing friction of a rotating surface. It is a roller bearing that has rollers that have length at least four times their diameter.

Needle bearings contain a large surface area which touches the bearing’s outer surfaces. More to these, there is less added clearance, which is difference between the diameter of the bearing and the shaft, hence their being more compact. The usual structure has the needle rollers themselves, a needle cage that positions and contains the needle rollers, and an outer race.

Thrust needle bearings are flat and make use of a radial pattern of needles. Radial needle bearings are cylindrical in shape and make use of rollers parallel to the axis of the shaft.

Full complement bearings contain solid inner and outer rings and rib-guided cylindrical rollers. Considering such bearings contain the biggest possible number of rolling elements, they have particularly high radial load carrying capacity. Also, they are ideal for mainly compact designs.

Needle bearings are largely utilized in engine components like rocker arm pivots, pumps, compressors, as well as transmissions. The drive shaft of a rear-wheel drive vehicle often consists of at least 8 needle bearings.

Needle bearings have a tinier cross-section, more load-carrying capacity, better rigidity, and less inertia forces that pave way for size and weight cutbacks in machinery. They are built to endure oscillation, run well even under extreme conditions, and interchange with sliding bearings.

Different types of needle bearings with a wide array of sizes and tolerances, for myriads of applications, are now available in the market. These include:

  • Needle roller and cage assemblies are available in single or double row, solid or split cage, metric and inch sizes, as well as in attaching rod bearings for special applications.
  • There are also single and double row bearings with or with no ribs, and with or with no inner rings.
  • Trust bearings are available in single row roller and cage assemblies.
  • Yoke and stud type track rollers are also offered.


A panoramic view of the KTV (Koyo Training Vehicle)

Friday, April 13th, 2012

KTV (Koyo Training Vehicle) Panaramic view

Very impressive vehicle. While it was a wonderful day with all the activity, it felt good when it was over. The turnout was wondferful. Thank you to all that stopped by, and thank you to the Koyo representative and driver!

Until next time!!!

Koyo KTV Truck here until 2:00 pm CST today

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

An impressive show of technology on wheels is parked in our parking lot today. KTV Truck (Koyo Training Vehicle) on the inside is as impressive as it is on the outside.  The gentleman enjoying the coffee is Mr Cox, VP of Bearings Incorporated, and movtivator to bring the truck to our facilities at Bearings Incorporated.

How Bearings Are made

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

I saw this video this morning and thought it would a good way to start the new year of 2012.  It was interesting to watch, and very informative.

Hope you enjoy it.

Bearings Incorporated is hosting the KTV again …

Friday, September 16th, 2011

Koyo will be stopping by with it’s KTV on September 28th from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, and open to Bearings Incorporated past, present and future customers.

Koyo brochure 2011

Here is the printable brochure, and we hope to see you there!!

Koyo Needle Roller – Bearing types and cages

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Needle Roller Bearings

Needle roller bearings are an economical alternative for applications requiring minimal space to carry a given load at a desired speed. Needle roller bearings can be an ideal choice because of their ability to handle a given level of speed and load capacity, yet have the smallest cross section of all roller bearing types.

We offer both inch and metric nominal bearings in popular designs such as: drawn cups, radial caged needle rollers, machined ring, track rollers, thrust bearings, combined bearings, and drawn cup roller clutches. Most of these bearing types can be operated directly on a machined shaft of suitable quality, or with a matching inner ring where this requirement cannot be conventionally satisfied.

Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assemblies

Radial needle roller and cage assemblies have a steel cage that provides both inward and outward retention for the needle rollers. The designs provide maximum cage strength consistent with the inherently high load ratings of needle roller bearings. Accurate guidance of the needle rollers by the cage bars allows for operation at high speeds. Also available are needle roller and cage assemblies using molded, one-piece glass-reinforced engineered polymer cages. Needle roller and cage assemblies are manufactured with either one or two rows of needle rollers.

Drawn Cup Bearings

The outer ring in the form of a cup is accurately drawn and no subsequent machining is performed to build the outer raceway. Drawn cup needle roller bearings are available in open ends or single, closed-end designs, They also are available with one or two integral seals. Other options include a single lubricating hole and matching inner ring.

Heavy-Duty (Machined) Needle Roller Bearings

These bearings are available in a wide range of inch and metric sizes plus an array of design features including: integral seals, side flanges (or separate end washers), inner rings, oil holes and single or double caged sets (or full complement) of rollers.

Track Rollers

Track rollers listed in this catalog are designed with outer rings of large radial cross section to withstand heavy rolling and shock loads on track-type or cam-controlled equipment. The outside diameters of the outer rings are either profiled or cylindrical, Profiled track rollers are designed to alleviate uneven bearing loading resulting from deflection, bending or misalignment in mounting. Stud-type track rollers are available with or without lip contact seals, or with shields. Yoke-type track rollers are designed for straddle mounting. Each yoke-type is available with either radial needle roller and cage assemblies, or with a single (or double) full complement row of cylindrical or needle rollers.

Thrust Bearings

Thrust needle roller and cage assemblies are available in a variety of inch or metric sizes. All types have very small cross sections. If the back up surfaces cannot be used as raceways, hardened washers are available. Thrust bearings are available with needle rollers or heavier cylindrical rollers for high load-carrying capacity.

Combined (Radial and Thrust) Bearings

Combined bearings consist of a radial bearing (needle roller bearing) and a thrust bearing (ball or roller bearing). Some combined bearings are constructed similar to drawn cups, but with an added thrust bearing component. Like other needle roller bearings, these combined bearings can be matched with an optional inner ring or thrust washer as the opposing raceway.