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Bearings In The News – November 2017

Friday, November 10th, 2017

This month we are featuring three articles, including one about the global roller bearing market, one about an announcement from MAG Bearing, and the final one about a new test platform from Igus.


Bearings In The News – October 2017

Friday, October 20th, 2017

This month we are featuring three articles, including one about laid-off bearings factory workers, one about the valuation of the automotive bearings market, and one about the latest financials from Menon Bearings.


Bearings In The News – September 2017

Friday, September 15th, 2017

This month we are featuring two articles: “Vancouver Island Bridges Getting Seismic Upgrades” and “Timken Co. Seeks Growth Through Acquisitions.”


Bearings In The News – January 2017

Friday, January 13th, 2017

This month we are featuring two articles: “Sikorksy S-92 Tail Rotor Failure Blamed On Bearing” and “Replacing Damaged Rubber Bearings Of Concrete Bridge”.


NSK’s Vision 2026

Friday, August 7th, 2015

NSK’s high-quality products are used worldwide, and this November marks another anniversary in the company’s history – a BIG one.

NSK will celebrate its 100th anniversary on November 8, 2016, which puts us just one short year away.

This mile marker has evidently been on the company’s mind as well, as they’ve recently released Vision 2026 – their plan for growth and improvement for the coming ten years.

Vision 2026

In line with the NSK Corporate Philosophy, NSK Vision 2026 was developed by gathering thoughts and ideas from an array of sources, incorporating customer and staff opinions from around the world.

The NSK 100th Anniversary Committee, which was primarily composed of the company’s younger employees as well as management, ultimately took those ideas and created an agreed-upon vision for all.

Below is NSK’s public message regarding what the company is setting out to achieve in the ten years following their 100th anniversary. Source:

“We bring motion to life, to enrich lifestyles, and to build a brighter future. Dedicated to uncovering society’s needs, we set ideas in motion to deliver solutions beyond imagination. We’re NSK. And, we’re setting the future in motion.”

Setting the Future in Motion

The company’s goal to “set the future in motion” applies not only to their products, but to each and every one of their estimated 30,000 employees.

NSK encourages individuals within the company to set change in motion through their unique roles, resulting in a new movement for the company, its customers, and society.

By empowering their employees, NSK ensures it will continue making progress even in the middle of a quickly changing market.

A message from NSK President and CEO, Toshihiro Uchiyama:

“By repeatedly taking on challenges, no matter how small, the NSK Group’s 30,000 employees will work together as one to elicit the company’s all-round strength.”

Creating a Brighter Future

NSK clarifies that the ultimate goal of Vision 2026 is to help create a brighter future for all. NSK holds its role as an active and contributing member of society in very high regard.

“A brighter future” is one that allows people to enjoy a more secure, comfortable, convenient, and prosperous life. NSK strives to deliver exciting new products and services that will meet and exceed what society can imagine.

In order to do this, they pledge to constantly focus on imagining technologies, products, and services society will benefit from in the future, then work to achieve real results by putting those ideas into action.

Over the past 100 years, we’ve seen NSK create a reputation for superior quality. We’re excited to see what innovations they come up with in the century ahead.

Company Holds Bearings Innovation Contest

Friday, July 31st, 2015

There’s so much going on in the bearings industry at the major manufacturer level that sometimes the cool, small-scale, innovative stuff gets overshadowed.

That’s why we’re taking time to spotlight a company that is inspiring young people to get their hands on projects, and ultimately become our next generation of engineers, mechanics, and inventors.

When I heard about this contest, I thought it was so cool, and immediately wanted to share it with you.

The Innovation Contest

The Boca Bearing Company is giving away cash and prizes as part of their 2015 Innovation Contest. This is the third round of this innovation contest put on by Boca Bearing. It began in 2012, and was held again in 2014. You can see previous winners here.

Applicants from around the world are invited to participate in this contest. The company will choose winners based on their video submissions that will showcase how their projects work, and the ideas behind them.

The rules are that each project must incorporate the use of ball bearings, linear bearings, roller bearings, full ceramic or ceramic hybrid bearings. The bearings can be incorporated anywhere in their application.

Here’s the exciting part – you can vote for the winner!

The voting public will determine the winners in September, October and November. You can vote here. Each monthly winner will receive a GoPro Hero3 Camera. Then, two runner-ups will receive a 3D Printer from Type A Machines, and the first prize winner will receive $5,000.

About Boca Bearing Company

Specializing in miniature bearings for robotics and recreation, the Boca Bearing Company is located in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Boca Bearings wants to recognize the creativity and ingenuity of those people around the world who are building various machines out of pure creativity. There isn’t anything expected of them, they just have an idea and want to see it come to life.

The company hopes to inspire young people to take on the building and manufacturing of projects so that they become actively involved in the industry in the future. They strive to support individuals and companies which focus on art, science, technology, engineering & math.

Below is a video introducing the Boca Bearings 2015 Innovation Contest. Enjoy!

SKF to Supply Bearings for UTC’s Aerospace Business

Friday, July 24th, 2015

Bearings manufacturing giant, SKF, signed an agreement in June to support United Technologies Corporation’s (UTC) aerospace business as a supplier.

SKF will supply UTC with precision roller bearings, ball bearings, main shaft bearings, as well as seals, and the precision elastomeric components to be used for helicopter applications.

As an addition to the agreement, SKF has agreed to deliver engine bearings to the company Pratt & Whitney, which is a division of UTC. Pratt & Whitney intend to use the engine bearings in their Next Generation Product Family geared turbofan engines.

Long-Term Business Partners

SKF and UTC have been doing business since the 1950’s, so this agreement comes as no surprise. UTC President, Aerospace, Rutger Barrdahl noted:

“Through this contract, we ensure that SKF’s technology and bearings continue to play a part in the development of aircraft that are more fuel efficient, with lower engine noise, and deliver improved environmental performance.” Source:

Looking at the company’s profit profile, UTC was ranked number 5 in Flight Global’s 2013 Top 100 Aerospace Companies article. That’s good evidence that UTC is big business in the aerospace industry.

SKF, excited and ready to continue fortifying their relationship with UTC, has already begun delivering to UTC’s aerospace business locations.

SKF in the Aerospace Industry

SKF is known as a world-leading supplier of a variety of aerospace solutions. Their products produced specifically for the aerospace industry include various bearings, seals, rods, struts, aero-engines, gearboxes, and precision elastomeric devices.

In addition, SKF supplies aerospace customers with reliable replacement parts, overhaul services, and high-performance alloy steels for aerospace applications.

With over 130 companies spanning in 32 countries, and counting, SKF has made itself a key player in catering to the aerospace industry around the world.

We look forward to watching companies like SKF grow and expand their reach in various industries, and sharing with you the details when they do. It’s certainly due to their extensive research and constant effort to improve their products to meet industry needs, that the SKF family of companies continues to grow and thrive.