How To Increase The Lifespan Of Electric Motor Bearings

Posted by Bradley Irwin on November 3, 2017

Have you had issues with your electric motor bearings in the past? If these kinds of problems are common for you, you shouldn’t feel frustrated. Instead, you should focus on finding ways to increase the lifespan of your bearings. If you follow these suggestions, your bearings will last a lot longer.

Make Sure You Use The Motor Properly

In many cases, bearings wear down because of improper motor use. If you’re not using your motor correctly, you could wind up damaging your bearings. Even a single mistake could cause some fairly significant damage.

You need to be careful when you are using your motor. Small parts like bearings can easily be damaged by improper usage. A little bit of extra caution can do a lot to extend the lifespan of your bearings.

Keep Everything Clean

In addition to using your motor properly, you should make sure you keep your motor clean and free of dust. If your motor is clean, your bearings won’t be damaged as easily as they would normally be. A dust-free environment is great for your motor.

One of the best ways to clean a motor is with compressed air. Spraying compressed air into your motor can help clear away dust without damaging your motor — or your bearings — in any significant way.

You don’t have to clean motors on a daily basis. However, you should try to clean your motor regularly. Monthly cleaning can prevent a buildup of dust.

Ensure That The Bearings Are Properly Installed

If your bearings aren’t installed correctly, it could cause friction. This could cause your bearings to wear down very quickly. If you installed bearings yourself, you should give them another look. Make sure that the bearings were installed correctly.

Don’t be afraid to look at videos and tutorials that show you how to install motor bearings. A little bit of guidance can keep you from making mistakes. If you learn more about bearing installation, you’ll be able to avoid making these kinds of mistakes in the future.

Replace Or Upgrade Your Bearings When Necessary

While you should try to keep your bearings in great condition, you shouldn’t hold onto bearings that are in bad shape. If you see that your bearings are worn down, it may be time for you to replace them.

With that said, you may not want to purchase the same bearings you were already using. Now is the ideal time for you to make an upgrade. Look for the top bearings on the market right now. See if you can buy something that is a better fit for your motor.

If you’re going to be buying electric motor bearings, you’ll want to make sure you get a lot of use out of them. You should look for ways to increase the lifespan of the bearings that you are using. If you follow the advice above, you’ll be able to keep your bearings in excellent condition for quite a long time.

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