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Posted by Bradley Irwin on October 27, 2017

Originally founded more than 30 years ago in Chicago, Illinois, Isostatic Industries, Inc. has proven itself as a leader in bearing technology. The company is still headquartered in Chicago and has the most extensive inventory of bronze bearings in many sizes and types. Most all of them are always in stock, making it easy to supply them to distributors everywhere.

The company is known for providing both standard size bronze bushings as well as custom bearings. They also provide sizes in both inches and metric measurements. In addition to bearings, there are sleeves, washers, flanges, discs, bars, and more – all at highly competitive prices. They offer special oils for any of their oil-impregnated bronze bearings.

Bars and bearings are both made from cast bronze bearings and bars and powdered metal. They are known for being among the easiest to machinate, and they are always dependable and strong in their quality. Customers are highly satisfied with their purchases from Isostatic Industries.

When it comes to custom orders and solutions, every staff member is available to offer a quick and knowledgeable recommendation. All custom and made-to-order products are always guaranteed to be made with the same quality as the standard products are.

Their aim is to become the most dependable bearing supplier in all of North America. They offer complete ranges of bearing types from flanges to discs, plates, and thrusts. They offer steel back PTFE lined products and they make cast-bronzed solid and cored bars. Their expertise continues to grow as they work towards realizing the goal of being the most dependable bearing supplier.

Their processes can include boring and turning to specific minimums and maximums, and they can offer finished machine lengths of up to 50 inches. Besides offering this they provide milling, reaming, grinding, and tapping services. Customers can ask more about their array of groove styles which include simple straight grooves and circular grooves to loops and figure eights.

Standard products are always available for immediate shipment. As such, Isostatic Industries has the highest order fulfillment rate in the industry. Much of this success is owed to the fact that they manufacture and distribute all of their bearing products from the Chicago headquarters. It is a centrally located facility. This allows their products to reach the end user often in one or two days.

Customers requiring standard products or custom products are encouraged to get more information online at the Isostatic Industries website. They offer a full product portfolio which illustrates some of the custom work they have done for previous customers in a variety of industries.

Customers interested in conducting business with them may contact the company by e-mail or by phone. A complete catalog is also available for viewing in PDF format at the website. While there is a full line of bearing products that sets this company apart from the rest, there are also the custom parts to consider. These are made with skill and expertise from true industry leaders.

You can also find products from Isostatic Industries on our main catalog site right here.

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