Some Types Of Lubricants That Can Be Used With Bearings

Posted by Bradley Irwin on January 19, 2018

Bearings play an important role in our society, though most people give little if any thought to them. However, they are an integral part of many pieces of machinery, from oil rigs to food production. Once you understand some of the most popular types of lubricants, you can see for yourself which ones might be valuable options for your lubrication needs.

Lubrication is vital to bearing performance. Lubricating films prevent direct contact between the bearings and the other components that they come into contact with. This can reduce friction and dispel heat. Lubrication is also part of keeping the machinery moving at optimal speeds without damaging the bearings or other machine components.

Food grade lubricants are a special class of lubricants that are used in the food and beverage industry. This industry has very strict requirements regarding hygiene and the lubricants and other products used in the machinery must meet these stringent standards in order to be approved for food use.

Because these bearings may come into contact with foods, and other greases, they are resistant to cleaning while still performing optimally. With two types of lubricants available for food grade needs, you will want to be sure that you select the correct one for each of the machinery areas on your list.

Damping greases have a wide range of appeal in the automotive world, and can help to ensure your rig it rattle-free. By using them to slow the rotation rates for bearings, you can achieve optimal performance from them.

Mineral and synthetic based lubricants are the most common and the ones that you will use for most of your needs. These are available in filtered versions as well as those that are designed to withstand specific types of temperature. The versatility in the product lines available ensure that you should have no problem correcting many of the bearing issues you might be experiencing right now.

If you have a lot of plastic components, silicon lubricants are the ideal choice in many cases. They are slow to alter their viscosity and can be used in a wide range of temperature settings. However, if your operations require high speeds and loads, this will not be the ideal choice for you to undertake.

Perfluorinated lubricants are non flammable and don’t react with plastics and similar compounds. Some of the products can withstand very excessive temperatures as well.

Dry lubricants are also sometimes used in the industry to ensure bearings are operating smoothly. These are used in order to reduce contamination.

You should always check the shelf life of a lubricant before you purchase any. Think about how much you are likely to use and your ability to store it correctly. The chemical composition of these and other compounds can break down over time, making them less effective than when new.

This will give you a bit of an idea of the types of lubricants that can be useful for bearings. Be sure to locate the best ones for your particular application.

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