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Mitsuboshi Belting — 8 new Primestar Products (Part 3 of 3)

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

6) “Creekliner” Water Shielding

When you want to fix an aging architectural waterway, “Creekliner” works ecologically friendly and finishes in a very short time.  Also works without producing any waste material, because it only requires the EVA resin sheet and polymer cement mortar to the combined water proofing, instead of demolishing a conventional waterway. 

Using “Creekliner” is a safe method of construction. Because it is possible to work without using any fluxing material or fire., you can undertake construction without worry, even in a narrow place.

7) “M Dot” – A high conductivity silver nanoparticle paste

Mitsuboshi has developed “M Dot”, high conductivity silver nanoparticle paste.  It shows remarkably low volume resistance even on a thick coat, compared with Misuboshi’s original product.  “M Dot” consists primarily of silver particles miniaturized to nanometer level, and it has achieved an ability to burn at a low temperature, which had been thought impossible, and brilliant electric property for a thick coat.  It is expected to be useful for interconnection of resin circuit board and electrode material.

8 ) “Narromadillo” – The resin and rubber combined belt for CVT

Misuboshi Belting Group has developed the world’s first and completely new resin and rubber combined belt for Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT), “Narromadillo”.

1) Attainment of higher power transmission performance utilizing high – elastic and heat resistant resin.

The world’s first all resin block can inhibit belt deformation caused by large torque from the side and reduce the loss of power transmission.  Thus, it will increase full inefficiency of the vehicle.

2) Attainment of Compact design utilizing flexible heat-resistant rubber. 

The special shape which inhibits the head generated by bending can also minimize the belt size and thus contribute to downsize and reduced weight of the CVT itself.

Mitsuboshi Belting — 8 new Primestar products

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

1) Mega Torque GII Timing Belt

Mega Torque G, the timing belt for heavy load equipment, is highly praised in the market.  Mitsuboshi refined it to Mega Torque GII, which makes it possible for the huge machines like injection molding machines or pressing machines to become more compact and to make less noise.  Mega Torque GII has gained 50% larger capacity, reduced noise by 18%and increased the durability by 100%, compared with Mega Torque G, their normal product.

2) Mega Torque EX Timing Belt

Mitsuboshi has developed “Mega Torque EX” for semi conductor producing equipments and machine tools, which require high accuracy  of positioning and advanced following capability.  Mega Torque EX is a highly appreciated timing belt, which it’s high capability is 2 times better than the original Mega Torque G limited torque for teeth jumping.  Mega Torque EX has cut down the oscillatory convergence time by approximately 10% and has improved repetitive positioning accuracy up by about 17%.

Stop by December 2, for the continuation …..

Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Locking Collars (part 2)

Thursday, September 30th, 2010
continued from Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Locking Collars from 9/23/10.

Tri-Ply Seal, SM and External Self-Aligning Series

Tri-Ply Seal Series

Tri-Ply Seal bearings (sealed on both sides) are designed for environments where severe contamination is present, such as , agricultrual equipment.  Each Tri-Ply seal unit consists of a seal assembly containing 3 rubber lips retained by crimped-in steel caps securely fixed in the outer ring.  All three seal members have heavy flare out contact with the inner ring OD and provide exceptionally effective protection against the loss of lubricant and the entrance of contaminents.  The shroud cap, which nests closely with the outside seal, helps protect the rubber seal members from fibre wrap and abrasion.


SM Series

The SM Series are the open type wide inner ring bearings.  All bearings in this series are available with caps and dust seal collars, if required.The SM Wide inner ring bearings are available in the following variations:  Standard SM series which have the same ring tolerances as the equivalent 200 series single row radial ball bearings and the heavy SMN series which correspond to the equivelent 300 series single row ball bearings.  Both the standard SM and heavy SMN series are also available with cylindrical or spherical outside diameters.  These bearings have the same boundry dimensions as correstponding members in the KRR and KLL series.


External Self-Aligning Series

The construction of this series permits the inner assembly, which contains an open type ball bearing with a spherical OD, to align the seat of a mating outer ring.  The seat of this outer ring is matched with the spherical OD of the ball bearing outer ring providing unrestricted self-alignment which allows the inner assembly to become square and true with the shaft.  Self-aligning units are available in both standard SM-S or heavy SMN-S series.


Upcoming October 7, 2010; Wide Inner Ring Bearings with Concentric Collars

Belting presentation by TB Woods

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

TB Woods representative, George Riesselmann did a luncheon presentation at Bearings Incorporated on Tuesday, August 31st. 

Lunch consisted of a simple sandwich platter, chips, and deli salads.  Nothing fancy, but gave a much more relaxed atmosphere.  Surprisingly the phones were quiet during this time as well.

This meeting was to promote the QT Power Chain II line.

TB Woods QT Power Chain II belt drive systems are designed for use in a variety of industries including:

  • Lumber
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Packaging
  • Food processing
  • Bottling
  • Aluminum and Steel
  • Petrochemical
  • Sand, Gravel and Concrete
  • Glass

These high performance drive systems are specifically designed for tough applications such as:

  • belt conveyors
  • de-barkers
  • dough mixers
  • scrap cutters
  • compressors
  • bucket conveyors
  • grinders
  • carton sealers
  • dryers
  • screw conveyors
  • pumps
  • palletizer

Belts Built for Maximum Strength

The result of state of the art design and engineering, the body and teeth of QT Power Chain II belts are made of duRable poyurethane compound specifically blended for uncompromising adhesion to the tensile cords and heavy nylon tooth facing.

The result is a belt that is virtually immune to abrasion and chemical attack.

Heavy duty belts combined with Taper-Lock Sprockets and bushings make QT Powerchain II belt drive systems

— the optimal choice for high-performance in high-torque drive applications.

The QT Power Chain II belt drive system consists of a belt, sprockets, bushings, and other components designed to work together to deliver the best value in power transmission.

Advantages include:

  • drive components designed to work together as a system
  • drive hardware engineered to handle higher horsepower ratings
  • drive system design and application engineering assistance

Fafnir (now Timken) – Internal clearances of ball bearings

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

In the manufacture of ball bearings, it is standard practice to assemble rings and balls with a specified internal clearance.  This characteristic is necessary to absorb the effect of press fitting the bearing rings at mounting.

 Internal clearance is sometimes utilized to compensate for thermal expansion of bearings, shafts, and housing or to provide a contact angle in the bearing after mounting. 

 Radial measurement is accepted as the more significant characteristic because it is more directly related to shaft and housing fit.  It also is the method prescribed by the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association (AFBMA).


The radial internal clearance of a radial contact ball bearing can be defined as the average outer ring raceway diameter minus twice the ball diameter.

 Radial internal clearance can be measured mechanically by moving the outer ring horizontally.  The total movement of the outer ring when the balls are properly seated in the raceways determines the radial internal clearance.  Several readings should be taken using different circumferential orientations of the rings in order to get a comprehensive average reading.

Construction of Optibelt V-Belts

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Base Rubber     

The base rubber for Optibelt V-Belts is extruded in long lengths from a specially prepared rubber mixture.  This extrusion has a very high cross-sectional accuracy and also creates uniformity of belt weight per unit  length.  Uniformity of density throughout a V-Belt is of prime importance for vibration free running.     

 Tension Cord     

The tension cord for Optibelt V-Belts is manufactured from polyester fiber spun into various thread configurations. The physical properties of a tension cord are matched to the nature of the belt application and are dependant upon the configuration into which the cord is spun. To ensure that the tension cord has good adhesion within the V-Belt, it is specially impregnated so that it is fully compatible with rubber, and then sprayed. A completely homogeneous bond with the base and filler rubber is therefore guaranteed.     

 External Cover Fabric     

The cover consists mainly of a cotton fabric which has a highly twisted, shear resistant, warp and weft fibers.  Broad widths of the fabric are treated on both sides with a neoprene natural rubber mixture, and then cut into diagonal strips; the width being determined by the section of the V-Belt to be covered.  


Optibelt V-Belts are manufactured on highly automated machines.  Every V-Belt is constructed individually.  A measured length of tension cord having an exact number of turns is guided over two rolls, together with the filler rubber.  The accurately extruded base rubber.  The pre-prepared strip of cover fabric is finally wrapped around the V-Belt.  The semi-finished V-Belt is now ready for vulcanization.  

The ORV Vulcanization Process

The ORV (Optibelt Rotary-Vulcanization) process, which was developed by them, differs quite considerably from the traditional methods of vulcanization.  In the ORV process, V-Belts are vulcanized in heated V-Grooves while rotation takes place, hence in the same mode of motion and shape in which they will subsequently give service. 

With the traditional methods of vulcanization it is very difficult to exercise any control over the retention of the nominal lengths of the belts, whereas by means of their electronically controlled cord stabilization process, which they have patented in many countries, the nominal length tolerances of V-Belts vulcanized by the ORV process are restricted to a minimum. 

A “Panzerband”, which revolves around guide rollers and is tensioned by means of a hydraulically operated tension drum, presses the V-Belts into the V-grooves of the heated vulcanizing drum.  The V-Belt flanks and the sides of the pulley grooves, without significant distortion.

Cord Stabilization

Electronically controlled cord stabilization during manufacture gives Optibelt V-Belts their unique SetConstant feature.

Optibelt SetConstant V-Belts of similar nominal length can be assembled into matched sets at random without further measurement.  Length stability is guaranteed over many years, even under adverse storage conditions.

Bearings Incorporated is proud to state that we have been a faithful distributor of Optibelt quality belts for many years now.

Needle roller bearings from KOYO USA

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

JTEKT Corporation has created a new business unit, Koyo Bearings USA LLC, following the acquisition of the Timken Needle Roller Bearings business. The acquisition combines the strength, heritage and intellectual capital of Koyo® and Torrington® Needle Roller Bearings to create one of the world’s largest needle roller bearing manufacturers.

The Torrington/KOYO group of bearings include the following; Drawn Cup, Roller Clutch, Roller and Cage guided, Thrust bearings and washers, Track Roller/Cam Followers and loose rollers.

Bearing’s Incorporated is proud to be a distributor of both divisions of the JTEKT Corporation. This enables us to cover most ball, roller and needle requests that our customers have.