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Mitsuboshi – Mega Torque G

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Supporting the World’s Leading Injection Molding Technologies

Injection molding machines are used to manufacture structural foam products from precision to large parts.  Japanese injection molding machines enjoy a worldwide reputation for their precision and have gained a 40% market share of the international market.  Traditionally, injection molding machines were mainly of the hydraulic type but in light of recent concerns for the environment the motorized type is increasingly popular as they are cleaner and quieter.  Belts are used in the motorized type for injecting and clamping parts.  For these applications Mitsuboshi Belting has chosen to use a special hard rubber that has high strength and durability and generates a transmission volume that is twice as large as the conventional S8M and S14M.  Mitsuboshi Belting also achieved higher transmission efficiency and lower noise with its products, receiving high acclaim from many of the injection molding machine manufacturers.

Since I’m in the process of working on my belt database …..

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

….. why not talk about belts?

Where can I start.  Why not talk about types .. that sounds like a good place to start.

FHP (3L, 4L, 5L)

  • Designed for light duty, frictional horsepower drives
  • Capable of handling drives with backside idler
  • external wrapping provides a smooth and quiet operation with minimum vibration
  • heat and oil resistant, static conductive

V-Ribbed Belts

Ribstar (J,L,M,PK)

This belt combines the properties or the V-Belt’s high power transmission capability and the Flat Belt flexibility.

  • High-efficiency operation at high speed
  • it can be used on a small diameter pulley because of its enhanced flexibility
  • excellent heat resistance and abrasion resistance
  • compact design application with little belt vibration

Synchronous Belts

Timing belt G (XL, L, H, XH, XXH)

This synchronous transmission belt eliminates the problems of chains and gears.  Extra small pitch type fits well for precision equipment and IT systems

  • thin, lightweight and superior flexibility of this belt allows compact design application
  • it enables efficient high speed power transmission
  • low noise operation compared to chain/gear
  • maintenance free
  • belt can be used in the temperature range between -30 degrees and +90 degrees Celsius

Timing belt U (T80, XL, L, T5, T10)

With its high abrasion resistance and lesser rubber dust dispersion, polyurethane timing belts are suitable for use in place where clean environment are required

  • the best for light-duty transmission which requires high precision
  • suitable for paper feeding use because it does not contaminate contact subject
  • smooth and quiet operation as it is flexible to fit well in small diameter pulleys
  • made to order system enables manufacture of special form order

Super Torque timing belt G&GN (S1.5M, S2M, S3M, S5M, S8M, S14M)

The round tooth belt has a high power transmission property, it expands existing applications of timing betls significantly.  It can be used as an alternative for chains and gears.

  • longer operating life
  • quiet operation
  • possible to transmit high torque with small belt
  • smooth meshing allows noiseless operation

Mega Torque Timing Belt G&U (MTS5M, MTS8M, MTS14M)

  • large transmission capacity is achievable as time of Super Torque G (Rubber)
  • compact design possible — approximately 40% smaller on average for the same pulley diameter and Super Torge G (rubber)
  • existing pulley models can be used.  Super Torque (S8M, S14M) pulley can be used as normal

Industrial V-Belts

Conventional (A, B, C, D, E)

This type is most commonly used as a means for power transmission.  It is economic and available in the market.

  • MBL’s “SET-FREE” system for multiple belt usage is very effective to reduce dimensional differences of each belt
  • Conventional V-Belt is a heavy-duty power transmission belt, which has heat, oil and flex resistance as well as high antistatic property

Triplex Rawedge Cogged (AX, BX, CX)

Widely used power transmission belt.  Cost efficient, ready available and easy changeable

  • designed for tough, small sheave, high speed applications
  • higher horsepower rating requires fewer belts and sheave grooves resulting in lighter more compact drives with lower overall cost
  • heat and oil resistant, static conductive

Maxstar Wedge – Narrow (3V, 5V, 8V)

It has unique, narrow width and high power transmission capability

  • energy-saving and compact design application
  • possible to operate with maximum speed of 40m/sec
  • effective for installations where overall drive cost must be reduced
  • heat and oil resistant, static conductive

Maxstar Wedge Supreme – Narrow Cogged (3VX, 5VX)

Cogged construction reduces bending stress and dissipate heat, especially on drives with smaller sheaves

  • recommended for drives where compact design is required, high speed is necessary and increased horse power needed
  • heat and oil resistant, static conductive

Industrial Banded V-Belts

Conventional Banded (RB, RC, RD)

Triplex Rawedge Cogged (RBX, RCX)

Maxstar Wedge Narrow (R3V, R5V, R8V)

Maxstar Wedge Supreme Narrow Cogged (R5VX)

All the quality features and benefits of single belts — PLUS

  • designed for tough applications where multiple drive belts are subject to heavy shock and pulsating loads
  • banding prevents belt whip, belt turnover, vibration and jumping off that may occur with single belt in multiple drive applications
  • lateral rigidity keeps the belt running in a straight line as it enters the pulley grooves during strong pulsating or shock loads for reduced wear
  • frictional and wedging principles of the V-Belt drive apply and prevent slip at low tension and low bearing loads

Specialty Belts

Double Angle V (AA, BB, CC)

  • for drives where power must be transmitted by both the top and bottom of the belt
  • belts flex equally well in both directions for positive pulley contact
  • good for serpentine or reverse belt drives
  • oil and heat resistant

Vari-Star Variable Speed Belt

  • for drives requiring exact speed control and a maximum range of speed changes
  • cogged design provides flexibility, greater heat dissipation, wide sped ranges and is resistant to cracking
  • strong compression section provides crosswise rigidity that resists distortion
  • oil and heat resistant, static conductive

Polymax Belt (3M, 5M, 7M, 11M)

This is a wide angle belt with an angle of approximately 60 degrees

  • high-speed power transmission with low vibration
  • compact design and cost efficient
  • maintenance free and stretch resistance
  • excellent weather resistance

Super KB Premium FHP Belts (3LK, 4LK, 5LK)

  • for severe operating conditions where light duty FHP belts may stretch or pull apart due to heavy shock loads.
  • aramid fiber is used in the tensile cord for length stability
  • provide greater horsepower than light duty FHP belts
  • special outer covering designed for smooth clutching and backside idler applications
  • resist temperatures extremes, high humidity, oil and cracking

Open End V Perforated (QM, QA, QB, QC)

  • for drives where the installation of an endless V-belt is not practical
  • often used as a temporary V-belt replacement when the original belt is hot immediately available
  • perforated open-end design uses metal fasteners for connecting

The above information was found on one of our MBL/Mitsuboshi flyers.  We are proud to be a supplier for MBL/Mitsuboshi and will be respectfully offering this line on our storefront.

Oh oh .. Have run into a road block …..

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Help — I’ve fallen and can’t get up. 

Now that I’ve used the allotment of cliches where do I go from here.  Even the best of us run into brain blocks, and I’m no exception.  I have been doing research, and working hard learning the background information for the new website, that is soon to be launched.  I know “you’ve heard this all before”, but be assured that it is close to launch date, and it will change consistently once it is launched.  We want to make it better and easier for you to use. 

Right now, I have uploaded “most” of our Timken line; which is our biggest line.  This consists of both ball and roller bearings.  Ball bearings consisting of Angular contact, Wide inner ring, and Housed units. Roller bearings consisting of the Tapered Roller Bearings Cups, cones, and sets that Timken has always been famous for. 

I have also uploaded our Koyo Ball bearing line, which could offer some of the same parts as Timken.  We also have SKF-Chicago Rawhide currently uploaded which offers seals, and speedi sleeves.

In my plans, and my next uploading attempts consist of Koyo NEEDLE bearing line, and MBL (Mitsuboshi) belts.  These will cover quite a bit of items we can currently offer, but you need to watch the sight because once it’s launched, I will be configuring other databases to upload.  This way it will keep the sight changing, and interesting. 

New items = new choices = more options

While I’m not making any promises of a launch date; keep in touch and help us celebrate our launch when all of our hard work has finally come to an end.

Mitsuboshi Belting – 8 New Primestar Products (Part 2 of 3)

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

3) “Mamaline” Conveyor Belt

The mold and unwanted  bacteria made by food scraps clung to the belt surface are archenemies of the food conveyance.  Mitsuboshi has successfully developed “Mamaline”, which has been made much smoother belt surface than other belts. With “Mamaline”, cleaning the surface of the belts becomes much easier and solves various problems from the aspect of good hygiene.

4) “e-POWER” Loe Edge Belt

“e-POWER”, a belt has been given special notches inside, is superior compared to the usual product in flexibility and energy savings. 

“e-POWER” doesn’t require special profile pulleys. Therefore, it is possible to replace only a belt.  It also helps you to save energy for generators and air-conditioning apparatus.

5) “LOGISTAR” Conveyor Belt

The Conveyor belts used in logistics centers and airports have noise issues when it sideswipes the table that supports them. 

“LOGISTAR” has succeeded in cutting down it’s noise.  Mitsuboshi has made it’s surface smoother by refining it’s structure and reduced it’s noise by 18 decibels compared with their original product.  Mitsuboshi Belts have achieved the silence of a library.

Final excerpt on December 7th …

Mitsuboshi Belting — 8 new Primestar products

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

1) Mega Torque GII Timing Belt

Mega Torque G, the timing belt for heavy load equipment, is highly praised in the market.  Mitsuboshi refined it to Mega Torque GII, which makes it possible for the huge machines like injection molding machines or pressing machines to become more compact and to make less noise.  Mega Torque GII has gained 50% larger capacity, reduced noise by 18%and increased the durability by 100%, compared with Mega Torque G, their normal product.

2) Mega Torque EX Timing Belt

Mitsuboshi has developed “Mega Torque EX” for semi conductor producing equipments and machine tools, which require high accuracy  of positioning and advanced following capability.  Mega Torque EX is a highly appreciated timing belt, which it’s high capability is 2 times better than the original Mega Torque G limited torque for teeth jumping.  Mega Torque EX has cut down the oscillatory convergence time by approximately 10% and has improved repetitive positioning accuracy up by about 17%.

Stop by December 2, for the continuation …..