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NSK Rescues Building Insulation Line

Friday, October 30th, 2015

Band saw manufacturer, Prosaw, found their bearings to be regularly failing on automated saws that had been supplied to a prominent manufacturer of building insulation. Both companies needed a solution to this problem, and fast.

In comes NSK. A large number of NSK bearings are used as replacements which deliver big savings and high quality products. NSK offers a service via NSK authorized distributors to help identify and deliver cost savings.

With their Added Value Programme (AID), NSK engineers help customers improve efficiency and reduce breakdowns. This can involve a comprehensive review and analysis of a company’s operation before making recommendations for improvement.

What Was the Diagnosis?

The bearings used on the followers that keep the saw blade in position were in some cases only lasting a matter of hours before they seized. This was odd since the maintenance team was fitting good quality bearings from well recognized manufacturers.

The problem is that to the casual eye, cheap bearings look the same as quality branded bearings. NSK takes on the task of explaining to maintenance workers that there are differences in everything from the dimensional accuracy of the raceways and rolling elements, to the hardness, and the purity of steel that is used.

The result of these differences can be like night and day when it comes to bearing life. That is why exchanging these for a good quality bearing can make all the difference in performance and operating life.

The bearings in this case, appeared to be of good quality, and had been used in prior work at Prosaw. Upon looking further, this was a case of bearing contamination.

How To Solve The Problem

Combating contamination in bearings is one of the single most effective ways to extend bearing life and consequentially to reduce the maintenance requirement of the machinery they are fitted to.

The insulation material produced fine abrasive particles when cut with the saw blades. These particles made their way through the bearing seals, into the lubricant, and into the bearings, wearing them out incredibly quickly.

NSK tested this theory and the results concluded that the bearings were failing due to particulate ingress.

From that point out, NSK recommended using the NSK Deep Groove Ball Bearings with high performance DDU sealing arrangement, made for use in dusty environments.

The DDU design keeps particulates at bay and effectively protects the bearing grease in a dusty environment. And the results were spectacular. The bearings on the saws now last several weeks, rather than only a few hours.

This solution came about from Prosaw’s want to provide excellent service, and calling in an expert component supplier.

Smallest Ball Bearings vs Largest (Part 1)

Friday, August 28th, 2015

As part of keeping you in the know, this will be a two part post featuring the descriptions and applications of the world’s smallest ball bearings, then next time, the world’s largest. Let’s jump right in.

The world’s smallest ball bearings are given the name “miniature ball bearings”, or they’re sometimes referred to simply as “small bearings”.

This type of ball bearing is ideal for high-performance, compact designs, operating at high speeds.

What Can Miniature Bearings Do?

As technology rapidly grows, it isn’t just the devices in our hands that grow smaller, but devices in all sorts of fields of work, too. That is where the tiny ball bearings come in to steal the show and help us out.

Miniature bearings can be used for medical and dental applications, office products, watches, computers, telecommunications, home entertainment, home electronics, automotive, and industrial markets.

They are specifically designed to reduce friction between moving parts in various applications that are subject to a limited amount of space. In addition, they are ideal for their minimal service requirements.

Miniature bearings are supplied in a wide range of types and designs. They are robust, and capable of handling light to moderate radial and thrust loads. These bearings are quiet-running, and typically available in stainless steel, with seals or shields, and various lubricant options.

How Small is Small?

Typically, miniature ball bearings will be smaller than an inch or two. But, the smallest? Capable of high speed rotation of more than 5,000 rpm, this ultra-small ball bearing is teeny-tiny.

It has an outside diameter of 1.50 millimeters, inside diameter of just 0.50 millimeters, and width of 0.65 millimeters. They are manufactured in stainless steel, and contain six balls with a 0.25mm diameter.

Minebea Co., Ltd., NMB’s parent company, is the producer of this specific miniature bearing. There are other companies who are looking to maximize the miniature bearing market as well, such as NSK Micro Precision Co., Ltd.

NSK Micro Precision Co., Ltd. (ISC), have manufactured a deep groove ball bearing with an outer diameter of only 2.00 mm, and bore diameter of 0.60 mm.

Both companies seek to produce even smaller diameters and thinner widths in their miniature bearings, and maintain equivalent or even better accuracy and performance compared with their conventional bearings.

Next week, we’ll take a look at how the world’s largest ball bearings work, and what they are used for. Can you guess how many times larger they are than these mini-bearings?

NSK Ceramic-Coated Ball Bearings

Friday, August 14th, 2015

We discussed the main three different types of ball bearing materials in an earlier post.

We know that ceramic bearings are more resistant to corrosion, lighter in weight, nonconductive, and can operate in temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Farenheit. This range of characteristics make ceramic bearings versatile and valuable.

Ceramic bearings additionally offer up less noise and vibration compared with steel ball bearings.

Today, we’re going to do an overview of a specific product, the ceramic-coated ball bearings offered by trusted bearings manufacturer, NSK.

Product Overview

NSK has a major stake in power generation from wind turbines, and the growing demand for innovative technology in that sector has to do with bearing innovation.

As a major supplier, NSK is forefront in providing bearing solutions that deliver outstanding levels of reliability, heat resistance, and long life.

So, if the bearing application you’re working on produces a high-rate of bearing damage, and/or machine failures caused by electrical corrosion – in the generators of wind turbines, for example – NSK’s ceramic-coated ball bearings may be the solution to your problem.

These ceramic-coated ball bearings have high insulation resistance, and prevent deterioration by electrical corrosion.

What starts out as steel ball bearings are plasma sprayed, ensuring the ceramic is properly bonded to the bearing’s steel. Then, acrylic resin is used to further seal the coating.

Features and Benefits

  • Ceramic-coated steel bearing ring
  • Thickness of the ceramic coating is optimized
  • NSK’s plasma spray process ensures long-term durability
  • Insulation capability is optimized by the acrylic resin layer which seals the coating
  • Cost-efficiency is maximized due to increased bearing life
  • High insulation resistance
  • Lesser cost than hybrid bearings
    • Due to the elimination of costly manufacturing processes pure ceramic balls require.
  • No special preparation of the housing bore is needed
  • The thermal conductivity is unaffected between bearing and housing


  • Electric Motor
  • Electric Drive
  • Wind Turbine
  • Generator
  • Traction Motor

The NSK main company goal is to contribute to the well-being and safety of society, and protect the environment through widespread use of their technology. NSK seeks to continue focusing on meeting client expectations, and furthermore, providing new value to society as a whole. See our post about NSK’s Vision 2026 here.

NSK’s Vision 2026

Friday, August 7th, 2015

NSK’s high-quality products are used worldwide, and this November marks another anniversary in the company’s history – a BIG one.

NSK will celebrate its 100th anniversary on November 8, 2016, which puts us just one short year away.

This mile marker has evidently been on the company’s mind as well, as they’ve recently released Vision 2026 – their plan for growth and improvement for the coming ten years.

Vision 2026

In line with the NSK Corporate Philosophy, NSK Vision 2026 was developed by gathering thoughts and ideas from an array of sources, incorporating customer and staff opinions from around the world.

The NSK 100th Anniversary Committee, which was primarily composed of the company’s younger employees as well as management, ultimately took those ideas and created an agreed-upon vision for all.

Below is NSK’s public message regarding what the company is setting out to achieve in the ten years following their 100th anniversary. Source:

“We bring motion to life, to enrich lifestyles, and to build a brighter future. Dedicated to uncovering society’s needs, we set ideas in motion to deliver solutions beyond imagination. We’re NSK. And, we’re setting the future in motion.”

Setting the Future in Motion

The company’s goal to “set the future in motion” applies not only to their products, but to each and every one of their estimated 30,000 employees.

NSK encourages individuals within the company to set change in motion through their unique roles, resulting in a new movement for the company, its customers, and society.

By empowering their employees, NSK ensures it will continue making progress even in the middle of a quickly changing market.

A message from NSK President and CEO, Toshihiro Uchiyama:

“By repeatedly taking on challenges, no matter how small, the NSK Group’s 30,000 employees will work together as one to elicit the company’s all-round strength.”

Creating a Brighter Future

NSK clarifies that the ultimate goal of Vision 2026 is to help create a brighter future for all. NSK holds its role as an active and contributing member of society in very high regard.

“A brighter future” is one that allows people to enjoy a more secure, comfortable, convenient, and prosperous life. NSK strives to deliver exciting new products and services that will meet and exceed what society can imagine.

In order to do this, they pledge to constantly focus on imagining technologies, products, and services society will benefit from in the future, then work to achieve real results by putting those ideas into action.

Over the past 100 years, we’ve seen NSK create a reputation for superior quality. We’re excited to see what innovations they come up with in the century ahead.

Keep Away from Counterfeit Bearings

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Counterfeit products are an issue for all branded bearing manufacturers – existing in all geographical markets, industrial segments and for all types and sizes of bearings.

Difficult to identify, counterfeits are labeled and marketed with another company’s brand illegally, and put in packaging which appears identical to genuine packaging used by the actual brand owner.

Counterfeit bearings are sold to customers who are unsuspecting, at around the same price as genuine products. There is money to be made in this market, making it prevalent and dangerous.

It is a big deal that counterfeits exist and are being sold to customers unbeknownst to them, because people are being cheated, and the risks can be serious. Counterfeits can cause machinery breakdowns and even injuries if used.

Sometimes “the eye test” is not enough to ensure your safety against counterfeit bearings. They can be difficult to identify, yet made of substandard materials, making them less reliable.

The best way to protect yourself from counterfeit bearings is to always purchase through an Authorized channel. If possible, do the research on the front end. Self-education is your best defense against counterfeits.

Some companies have made it easy for people to check if you are working with an authorized channel, such as NSK, who offers this toll-free number 1.800.675-4898 on their website. They have partnered with the World Bearing Association and its efforts to protect against counterfeiting.

SKF also offers assistance with counterfeits. On their website, they offer – “If you believe that you have accidentally purchased a counterfeit, or would like to anonymously inform us of activity in this area, contact SKF at”

It is important to engage the premium brand manufacturer concerned with counterfeits of their products.

In the words of Mike Schmidt, “there exists a major difference between trying to avoid the purchase of counterfeit products and actually avoiding the purchase of counterfeit products.”

Remember, safety first.

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Friday, June 24th, 2011

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NSK 6205 DDUC3 Electric Motor Quality Ball Bearing

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011


Selecting bearings for electric motors can make a big difference when you want to ensure long life and quiet operation.  The design, manufacturing and quality measures NSK incorporates throughout production minimise electric motor noise and ensure years of problem-free operations.

Cleaner Steel

If there was ever an opportunity to cut corners, this would be it; use a steel of marginal quality, sell at a reduced price and hope no one notices the difference

An innovator in bearing steel, NSK uses SUJ-2 steel for balls and rings.  SUJ-2 steel is ultra-clean, vacuum-melted bearing steel, much cleaner than typical industry standard steel.  With an oxygen content lower than 9 parts per million coupled with the proper treatment, NSK electric motor bearings have nearly double the fatigue life.

Superfinished Raceways and Maximum Sphericity

A super finish on both raceways means less wear at start-up, better performance out of the lubricant and smooth, quiet operation.  NSK accomplishes this through a proprietary method of honing the raceways to finishes at the sub-micron level.  For added value, NSK tests every bearing for low noise and vibration characteristics before the “quiet” rating is applied.

Rough bearing raceways inhibit lubrication and can lead to increased noise.  At NSK, raceways for electric motor bearings are finished to a super-smooth condition using a custom honing process they developed specially for this purpose.  This finish guarantees excellent lubrication and extends bearing life.  To enjure the smoothest possible operation, NSK uses high-grade steel balls manufactured using a proprietary process.  The result is an extremely quiet running bearing.

The ball set plays an integral role in the smooth and efficient operation of a bearing.  Not only do they need to be extremely close in size and tolerance, but are required to be nearly perfect in shape. At least by NSK standards.

Cage Advancements

It’s the small things that sometimes make the difference.  Like the close tolerances NSK achieves by coining the cage pockets.  The results are better distribution of the lubricant, less noise and reduced internal friction.  The benefit is a strong cage with a lower operating temperature and higher speed limits and ultimately it means longer bearing life. 

NSK also provides molded polyamide cages with optimized ball pocket designs.  Their conformance with the rolling elements reduces friction for quieter operation with improved grease life.  Bearings with polyamide cages also have lower torque at high speeds and are more tolerant of misalignment.

High-Temperature Grease

NSK offers a variety of lubricants to suit a wide range of applications.  When it comes to electric motors, the AS2 and NS7 greases are superior quality grade lubricants formulated to deliver low starting torque and extended service life. 

This grease offers high-temperature capability with low-noise characteristics in its electric motor bearings.  The wide temperature range prolongs the life of the grease, which in turn extends the bearing life.  You get smoother and quieter operation throughout the life of the bearing.

Quality from Start to Finish

In the manufacturing process, NSK uses the latest in automated equipment to achieve superior consistency.  At each step in the process, the latest  Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques are applied.  NSK builds in quality you can count on, with thorough in process gauging.  Each bearing is tested for noise and vibration levels, using side-by-side Anderometer in the manufacturing line.  The Anderometers measure the degree of geometric and surface protection.  Any bearing that does not pass the low, medium and high-frequency tests is automatically rejected.

The Right Clearance

To accomplish that goal NSK identified the optimum RIC for electric motor bearings: CM.  NSK believes this range provides the right amount of clearance to meet the goal while controlling the air gap between rotor and stator, delivering quiet operation and increased efficiency.  NSK also provides bearings with CN and C3 clearances used in electric motors. The results create a much quieter running motor.

Shields, Seals and the VV

Bearings with two enclosures are pre-greased at the factory and are classified as “greased for life”.  This simply means that the type and amount of grease is sufficient to outlast most general applications, with the exception of temperature extremes, contamination, high load and high speed.

Enclosures are defined as either contact or non-contact and refer to any gap at the inner ring.  The popular Z metallic shield does a good job of keeping the grease in place and larger contaminants out of the bearings. NSK applies an anti-corrosive coating to their Z shield in the event of moisture and because they are non-contact, their operating speed and starting torque are unaffected.

For more arduous service conditions, the DU seal is in full contact with the inner ring, increasing grease retention and excluding a wider range of contaminants from entering the bearing but generate more head and therefore have reduced operating speeds.  Enter the V seal from NSK. Zero drag, low staring torque, maximum operating speeds, no excessive heat and increased grease retention and contaminant protection over the shield design.  The V seal from NSK delivers an alternative that’s fast becoming the standard in election motor bearings.

Guaranteed Results

You can depend on NSK for quieter running electric motor bearings with the design, manufacturing, and built in quality  that you need.


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