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Roller Chain Offset Links

Friday, November 17th, 2017

What is a roller chain offset link? First, a roller chain link is the interior assembly of a chain that consists of two bushings pressed into each of the link plates. It may also include rollers if applicable. However there are also rollerless chains available for specific situations. It is important to know that the same roller links can be used for both multiple and single strand chains.


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Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

General Information

Chain Construction

Riveted Chain

Riveted chains possess pins which are dual staked on both sides of the chain.

Cottered chain

Cottered chains possess pins which are dual staked on one side of the chain. On the other, the chains have cottered pins assembled through drilled holes. Cottered chains are slightly easier to assemble and disassemble in the field and are more common on larger pitch chains. Cottered chains are available from stock beginning with 3/4 inch pitch (#60) chain.

Multiple strand chain

Multiple strand chains are available when space is limited on roller chain drives. These chains allow the horsepower capacity to be increased, without increasing the diameter of the sprockets. Middle link plates are slip fit as standard however, press fit plates are available for severe applications.

Roller chain parts

Connecting Link
Offset Link
Two Pitch Offset Link
Roller Link
Pin Link

Ordering Cut-To-Length roller chains

Cut-To-Length roller chains may be ordered in a variety of configurations with an odd or even number of pitches. When ordering it is important to specify both the length in pitches and the configuration including whether a strand contains connecting links, offset links, etc. Conversion tables are available to our salespeople for converting pitches to feet.

The following are the most common configurations for roller chains:

Even number of pitches:

8 Pitches Connecting link at one end
16 Pitches Endless (no connecting link)

Odd number of pitches:

7 Pitches one connecting link and one offset link
7 pitches roller link at each end
7 pitches one connecting link at each end