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NSK Ceramic-Coated Ball Bearings

Friday, August 14th, 2015

We discussed the main three different types of ball bearing materials in an earlier post.

We know that ceramic bearings are more resistant to corrosion, lighter in weight, nonconductive, and can operate in temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Farenheit. This range of characteristics make ceramic bearings versatile and valuable.

Ceramic bearings additionally offer up less noise and vibration compared with steel ball bearings.

Today, we’re going to do an overview of a specific product, the ceramic-coated ball bearings offered by trusted bearings manufacturer, NSK.

Product Overview

NSK has a major stake in power generation from wind turbines, and the growing demand for innovative technology in that sector has to do with bearing innovation.

As a major supplier, NSK is forefront in providing bearing solutions that deliver outstanding levels of reliability, heat resistance, and long life.

So, if the bearing application you’re working on produces a high-rate of bearing damage, and/or machine failures caused by electrical corrosion – in the generators of wind turbines, for example – NSK’s ceramic-coated ball bearings may be the solution to your problem.

These ceramic-coated ball bearings have high insulation resistance, and prevent deterioration by electrical corrosion.

What starts out as steel ball bearings are plasma sprayed, ensuring the ceramic is properly bonded to the bearing’s steel. Then, acrylic resin is used to further seal the coating.

Features and Benefits

  • Ceramic-coated steel bearing ring
  • Thickness of the ceramic coating is optimized
  • NSK’s plasma spray process ensures long-term durability
  • Insulation capability is optimized by the acrylic resin layer which seals the coating
  • Cost-efficiency is maximized due to increased bearing life
  • High insulation resistance
  • Lesser cost than hybrid bearings
    • Due to the elimination of costly manufacturing processes pure ceramic balls require.
  • No special preparation of the housing bore is needed
  • The thermal conductivity is unaffected between bearing and housing


  • Electric Motor
  • Electric Drive
  • Wind Turbine
  • Generator
  • Traction Motor

The NSK main company goal is to contribute to the well-being and safety of society, and protect the environment through widespread use of their technology. NSK seeks to continue focusing on meeting client expectations, and furthermore, providing new value to society as a whole. See our post about NSK’s Vision 2026 here.

SKF Partners with Chinese for Wind Energy Market

Friday, June 5th, 2015

A press release from March 4, 2015 states that global bearings manufacturer, SKF, has strengthened their relationship with Chinese wind power gearbox manufacturer, Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd. The two companies mutually hope to develop more competitive solutions for the wind energy market in the recent future.

This subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation specializes in manufacturing gearboxes, couplings, and dampers. Through the three-year strategic partnership agreement signed in March, SKF will become Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd.’s main bearing supplier. SKF will also provide the Chinese company with engineering support to enhance collaboration efforts.

“We are welcoming the strategic partnership agreement since it will invigorate our already existing cooperation further. We hope for a close collaboration where we can combine our skills with goal to develop competitive solutions for the wind energy market,” says Sunny Chan, SKF Sales Director, Energy and Drives, China. Source: SKF

SKF’s search for wind energy collaboration across the globe comes as no surprise. SKF is not new to the wind energy market, already supplying bearings, seals, and condition monitoring systems that enable more wind-energy generation and cost-effectiveness. SKF’s engineers work to provide solutions that will optimize the reliability and performance of wind turbines. They are able to do this most effectively by partnering with equipment manufacturers and wind farm operators, just as they sought to solidify a partnership with Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd.

In addition, SKF is not ignorant to growing market demand for product which provide energy conservation and environmental preservation, making them an ideal partner for Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd. In fact, collaboration aimed to provide better solutions on the wind energy market align well with SKF’s BeyondZero portfolio, which includes products and solutions that aim to bring significant environmental benefits to their customers.

SKF’s BeyondZero initiative was designed to help preserve the balance of the atmosphere, promote efficient and responsible use of land resources, and avoid toxic discharges into water sources. SKF also lives up to their reputation for environmental care by partnering with WWF Climate Savers.

It will be exciting to see how SKF’s growing relationship with Chongqing Gearbox Co., Ltd. further enhances wind energy design. We hope to see innovative solutions on the wind energy market with increased energy production and reliability, combined with reduced operating costs, maintenance, and environmental impact. Hopefully, we won’t have to look too far ahead. SKF is setting a prime example for bearings manufacturers and the impact they can have on the global market, and on the world today, if they take on the same responsible strategies.

Wind Turbine Bearing Testing

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Bearings, seals, condition monitoring systems, and lubrication systems are continually made and developed, and they pave the way for more cost-effective wind energy generation.

Equipment manufacturers and wind farm operators continue to come up with solutions that boost the reliability and performance of wind turbine designs, whether they be old or new.

Large wind turbines are humongous machines. That said, the bearings that are used in wind turbines are also enormous, with bore diameters of between 100 mm and 700 mm, and even as much as 2 meters.

Only selected manufacturers across the globe can offer the market a stable supply of such large bearings. It’s a necessity for suppliers to have both production capability and the ability to provide sales and technical service in key areas all over the world, considering the wind-turbine industry is now developing on a global scale.

Timken – Wind Energy Animation

Friday, February 21st, 2014

Wind power refers to the conversion of wind energy into a useful form of energy. One good example would be the usage of wind turbines to yield electrical power, windmills to draw mechanical powers, windpumps for water pumping or drainage, or sails to propel ships.

Wind power is a wonderful substitute for fossil fuels. It’s abundant, renewable, widely distributed, and does not yield greenhouse gas emissions. In any case, it’s more environment-friendly compared to many other power sources.

Wind can be used to do work. The kinetic energy of the wind can be changed into other forms of energy, either mechanical energy or electrical energy.

Here are some Timken roller bearings at work showing how it’s done…