The MM4T From Aurora Bearing Company

Posted by Bradley Irwin on October 6, 2017

High-end precision components are becoming more difficult to locate. Companies are focused on manufacturing components faster, cheaper, and with less expensive materials. While that may save everyone a few bucks in the short-term, it can actually cost more in the long run. There is still no substitute for a high-quality, high-precision component. The MM4T from the Aurora Bearing company is a perfect example of this.

What Is the MM4T?

The MM4T is a general-purpose male rod end manufactured by Aurora Bearing. It’s self-lubricated and features a perfect PTFE liner thanks to high-precision manufacturing. It’s usable in a variety of applications and is guaranteed to stand the test of time as long as it is worked within its provided specifications.

The Materials

The body is made of carbon steel and features an additional protective coating. The protective coating protects the MM4T from corrosion over time and from a variety of corrosive substances. PTFE lining provides increased durability and improved temperature resistance.

As for the ball, it is an alloy steel that has been heat treated and features a hard chrome plate. Together, they create a durable, reliable component that will suit your needs; whatever they may be.

Some MM-4T Specs

It features a traditional right-hand thread type with a male configuration. The ball bore is .25 inches with a ball width of .375 inches and a head height of .281 inches. The head diameter is .75 inches and the ball diameter is .5 inches.

The thread has a length of 1 inch. The thread size is 1/4-28 and the thread class is UNF-3A.

There are some slight variations of this model available as well. The No. 16 series body features alloy steel without additional heat treatment. There is also a studded configuration of the rod available as well.

In Conclusion

Overall, it’s a well-made component that can withstand plenty of pressure, weight, and heat. It’s far superior to any plastic alternative and isn’t that much more expensive. Here’s a link to our MM4T catalog entry.

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