Things To Know About Tapered Roller Bearings

Posted by Bradley Irwin on May 11, 2013

Tapered roller bearings refer to bearings that are able to take large axial forces and can sustain large radial forces. To do this, they make use of conical rollers and raceways. They are arranged in order for the rollers and raceways to meet at a common apex. Such rollers are guided by contact between the large end of the roller and a rib on the inner ring. This gives rather high capacity for radial and single thrust loads.

If you go for premium brands, you can rest assured you get premium quality.

Look for tapered roller bearings that have case-carburized components. Cups, cones, and rollers are composed of case-hardened alloy steel of “Bearing Quality” so as to give first-rate fatigue life and consistency. Accurate control of heat treatment, dimensions, and surface finish of the components only add up to the reliability of bearings. You should also aim for having premium steels and heat treatments for extended life and reliable performance.

When you chemically augment the surface chemistry of the roller, you can produce a thin layer of retained Austenite, which brings about compressive stresses that boost the lifespan of bearings.

There are unique micro-pitting surface finishes that boosts bearing life in applications with insufficient lubrication. Based on the theory that oil film formation in bearing contact areas can actually be enhanced through altering the character and direction of the components’ surface finishes, the distinguishing micro-pots can efficiently capture and channel oil to where it’s called for.

Crowned rollers under load distribute stress equally along their full length of contact with the raceways. That being said, they eliminate stress concentration at the roller ends. This design concept also makes up for minor misalignment between shaft and housing bore and deflection under load, in turn lessening stress concentration.

Applications for tapered roller bearings are typically utilized for moderate speed, heavy duty applications in which durability is needed. Common real world applications include agriculture, construction and mining equipment, axle systems, gear box, engine motors, as well as reducers, among others.

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