What Is An Induced Axial Load And How To Calculate it?

Posted by Bradley Irwin on February 9, 2018

All bearings with non-zero contact angles generate an axial load and apply as a radial load. Such generated load can be called by many names such as calculated thrust load, generated an axial force, and induced axial load (or IAL).

There is a very simple concept involved in IAL in terms of tapered roller bearings or contact ball bearings, the roller or the ball sits at an angle. Each time you place an extra radial load, you are pushing the roller down the hill. It implies that such action is generating a substantial axial component.

In other words, a radial load applied to any single-row tapered roller bearings will transmit the load from a raceway to another at an angle. This is when the internal axial load and the bearing axis are induced.

Each time you calculate the equivalent bearing load for any application, you should consider this concept. It is also applied for other bearing applications with 2 single bearing arrangements or bearing pairs which are organized in pairs.

Calculating Axial Load For Bearings

There are necessary equations developed for distinct bearing applications as well as load cases. Such equations will be valid based on the conditions listed below:

This is only a very basic foundation for this concept. If you want to learn more, you can search for other sources online. Based on the details provided here, you will have an idea about IAL and the concepts associated with it.

You can research the best senior specialists in roller bearings or those who have been working in the mechanical engineering field. They will be able to help you get the answers you need and share useful tips to make the calculation perfect and easy. If you have concerns, do not hesitate to call any of them and further discuss your concerns.

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